VDFP Launches Conerstone OnDemand TORCH

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From VDFP Executive Director Mike Reilly:


I wanted to inform you that we recently launched Cornerstone OnDemand TORCH on the VDFP website as a communication tool to keep you informed about the progress that the agency is making towards the Cornerstone OnDemand implementation in early 2020.

Cornerstone OnDemand is the new cloud-based learning management system that will give Virginia’s Fire Service more self-service options, an improved calendar to view training’s throughout the state, and more robust data reporting.

As you know, our existing Fire Services Training Records System (FSTRS) is a legacy system that has been in use for almost 20 years; technology has evolved tremendously since then. Cornerstone OnDemand will scale with the needs of the agency and Virginia’s Fire Service.

During this transition, we encourage you and your members to be advocates of your own success by logging onto FSTRS to download, print, and save your transcripts. Keep the information handy so that it can be uploaded to Cornerstone OnDemand once the system is live. No training records will be lost or deleted during the transition period.

Keep up with Cornerstone OnDemand, the new cloud-based learning management system for Virginia’s fire service by visiting TORCH, VDFP’s new hub for all things Cornerstone OnDemand.

VDFP recently completed testing with stakeholders representing 19 different fire departments in Virginia. What are representatives from Prospect Volunteer Fire Department, Augusta County Fire and Rescue, and Charlottesville Fire Department saying about Cornerstone OnDemand?Visit TORCH to find out.

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