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Are you aware of the requirement for Volunteer Fire Departments/Squads to file a list of their members annually with the Clerk of Courts in your locality?

Here is the section of the State Code that applies:

§ 27-42. Definition of term “volunteer fire fighters.”

For the purposes of this article, the term “volunteer fire fighters” shall include only members of any organized fire-fighting company which has in its possession and operates fire-fighting apparatus and equipment, whose members serve without pay and whose names are maintained on a list kept by the secretary of such company. It shall be the responsibility of the secretary of such company or the secretary’s designee to (i) file the list with the office of the clerk of the circuit court where such company is located, (ii) keep the list of such members up to date, and (iii) file the updated list with the clerk in a timely manner. The clerk shall not be responsible to obtain the list or an updated list from the secretary of the fire-fighting company if the list is not filed with the clerk.

1928, p. 1002; Michie Code 1942, § 3144b; 1977, c. 326; 2012, c. 802; 2014, c. 291.

Please ensure that your Department is following this procedure. Failure to do so could have dramatic consequences. Your members could be denied benefits that they or their families are entitled to if this is not done.

  • Clerk of Court Ledger Form