VSFEMSA (Foundation)

The Mission of the Virginia State Fire & EMS Association is to assist the over 600 Fire and EMS Organizations and their 35,000 volunteer and career members from across the Commonwealth as they provide fire and all hazard protection to the Citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The Virginia State Fire & EMS Association is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and works in conjunction with its sister organization, the Virginia State Firefighters Association, to accomplish its Mission.  Contributions to the Virginia State Fire & EMS Association are tax deductible to the fullest extent provided by law.

One of the goals of the Virginia State Fire & EMS Association Educational Financial Grant program is to make financial grants available to enhance the education of the qualified applicants that apply.  It has always been the policy of VSFEMSA to assist qualified applicants to further their education so they can better serve the Citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the areas Public Safety

The Virginia State Fire & EMS Association provides a $10,000.00 benefit to the Virginia State Firefighter’s Association member’s families that lose their lives in the Line of Duty.

Contributions will enable us to continue to offer these benefits to our members and their families.

Make your tax deductible donation to VSFEMSA to help cover the scholarship program and our $10,000 Line of Duty Death  plan, as well as other activities of VSFEMSA and VSFA.

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VSFEMSA received a grant that allowed us to develop a Community Fire Safety Operational Guide that was provided to all fire departments in Virginia. Click here to download the guide