Virginia Firefighters Memorial Dogwood Grove

Dogwood Memorial Garden

History: While the Virginia Firefighters Memorial Dogwood Grove is new, the tradition began with the Auxiliary to the Virginia State Firefighters Association (AVSFA), founded in 1928. After the memorial service at each annual conference or convention, a dogwood tree was given to local VSFA member organizations over the decades which resulted in trees planted all around the Commonwealth.

Renewed Vision: In 2019, Pete Kirby, past president of VSFA and past fire chief/life member of the Centreville Volunteer Fire Department, had an idea: “It struck me that if one collected all of these trees in one place, it would be a powerful image. The dream was to create a Firefighters Dogwood Memorial Forest somewhere in Virginia where all could visit and enjoy the splendor of Dogwoods all in bloom at once. It would be spectacular!” Accompanied by then-president Carol Stickley of the AVSFA, in 2019 they met with Virginia’s Secretary of Agriculture Bettina Ring (herself a longtime Virginia forester and wildland firefighter) and Deputy State Forester Ed Zimmer of the Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF). VDOF facilitated contact with the Virginia Department of Veterans Services (VDVS) that graciously made land available at the Amelia Courthouse, Suffolk, and Dublin veteran’s cemetery sites. Honor those who serve or have served with this unique offering!

Traditional Ordering: If you prefer a traditional order, please download the order form and follow the instructions to complete your order details and mail your order form and payment.

PLEASE NOTE: Per cemetery policy, no artificial flowers, balloons, solar lights, wind chimes, pinwheels, permanent plantings, etc. are permitted. All items not adhering to this policy become the property of the cemetery and will be disposed of.

Eligibility: Below are the eligibility requirements to participate in the program:

  • Active members of VSFA member organizations with dues current at the time of order.
  • Individual members of the VSFA with dues current at the time of order.
  • If an individual wishes to participate, they must join. Join & Pay Dues | VSFA

Now Planting for: Amelia Courthouse, Veterans Cemetery, 10300 Pridesville Road, Amelia.

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Virginia Firefighters Dogwood Memorial Grove

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We’re celebrating fire service in Virginia with the white, Cornus Florida Native Dogwood tree, approximately 7’ tall at planting. Trees are offered for sale based on availability. We’ll send an email when your tree is planted. Please Note: While VDVS will provide care and maintenance for all trees, they are not responsible for damage, natural or manmade. VSFA is also not responsible for damage, replacement, or refunds.
Price: $265.00


Place a beautiful 8”x16” granite memorial marker at the base of your tree! Four rows are available to engrave a maximum 26 letters per row. The marker accommodates only letters and no other symbols or images. While markers can be ordered later, a dogwood tree must first be ordered and planted.
Price: $375.00
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