Executive Committee

The VSFA is in the process of updating the districts to more closely align with the Virginia Planning Districts.This wil increase the number of districts from 15 to 22.

The new district map is under construction and will be available soon.

Executive Commitee Forms & Info


To learn more about the VSFA or to have a representative visit your department or association meeting click here.

DISTRICT 1TERRY GWALTNEY757-787-3647TerryGwaltney@msn.com
DISTRICT 2KEVIN DUCK757-650-3129kevin@chesterfieldinsurers.com
434-942-6397 C
DISTRICT 4LEON REED276-790-1986Leonreed49@yahoo.com
DISTRICT 5DAVID AKERS540-449-2390 akers815@aol.com
DISTRICT 6TOMMY AUSTIN276-701-3807ccmvfd@bvu.net
DISTRICT 7JIMMY BYER540-968-6486jbyerdist7rep@aol.com
DISTRICT 8MARK MILLS434-392-4778mmills326@gmail.com
DEAN FARMER (ASST)434-315-4204ffd130@hotmail.com
DISTRICT 9LLOYD GODDARD804-526-0725Vafire9@aol.com
DISTRICT 10JOESEPH "BUSTER" INSLEY757-817-1874the3insleys@verizon.net
DISTRICT 11EDDIE HAMMOND804-445-5015hammondbuildersinc@gmail.com
DISTRICT 12PETE KIRBY703-815-0444kirbys4@outlook.com
DISTRICT 13CHIP HART 540-287-5524Chiphart18@verizon.net
STEVE ENNIS (ASST)540-220-4550smennis@verizon.net
DISTRICT 14LEE DAY434-841-1339safeday@verizon.net
DISTRICT 15IKEY PARKS540-244-6469parks.ikey@gmail.com