A highlight of the Conference/Expo are the competitions that take place.

Teams from across Virginia come together to compete against the clock and each other in a series of events that simulate various firefighting activities, EMS situations and driving apparatus in a truck rodeo.

Here are the records for the contests.

  • Contest Records
  • Listed below are the rules for each event and the results from the most recent Conference/Expo.

    Important notice from Truck Rodeo Committee

    At the request of female firefighters from various departments, the Truck Rodeo Committee has agreed to institute an all female competition within the truck rodeo competition.  This will be integrated into the competition.  The female firefighters will be eligible to compete in this category or may still compete against everyone.  However, they must compete in one category or the other and cannot compete in both.  This will be tried on a trial basis this year.

    Allen Brennan, Co-Chairman Truck Rodeo Committee

    Frank Wright, Co-Chairman Truck Rodeo Committee

  • Contest Rules
  • EMS Contest Rules (revised)
  • Truck Rodeo Rules
  • Truck Rodeo Course

    Results from the 2018 Conference/Expo

  • 2018 Contest Results

  • 2018 Total Points
  • Truck Rodeo 2018

  • 2018 EMS Contest Results

    Results from the 2017 Conference/Expo

  • 2017 Contest Results

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    Results from the 2016 Conference/Expo

  • 2016 Contest Results

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  • 2017 Contest Results
    2017 Contest Results
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