Firefighter AFG Grant Funding

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Are you planning to apply for an AFG Grant when the window opens? If you’ve applied before and been turned down or if you’ve never applied before, FEMA is offering some very informative webinars to help you avoid errors that can keep you from successfully receiving grant money.

Tuesday 10/24 10 am EST
Wednesday 10/25 2 pm EST
Thursday 10/26 7 pm EST
Special Session
Saturday 10/28 11 am EST

Call in number: 1-800-320-4330 pin # 530853 Login:

Did you know?

  • Once an application is received, it is first reviewed and scored by a computer. If the information you provide does not match closely enough with the AFG’s criteria and priorities for this year, your application likely won’t make it to the peer review. Making sure that all of your information is accurate is paramount to getting through the first phase.
  • Start planning your application NOW. Don’t wait until the dates are announced. Well thought out and concise answers will give you a better chance at a successful grant application.
  • Do you have a DUNS number? It is mandatory to apply for a grant and it’s FREE at
  • The next requirement is that you are registered on the System for Award Management (SAM). You will need to renew your information in SAM at least every 12 months to receive Federal grant money.
  • You will need to make sure that all of your department and community information is accurate. What is the square mileage and population of your first-due response area? What is the breakdown of the department’s call volume for the past 3 years? Plus, much more! Accurate and complete answers are critical to getting through the first phase of the grant process.
  • FEMA has set high, medium and low funding priorities as well as long, medium and short age specifications for each grant category. High priority levels and PPE, equipment, apparatus, etc. beyond their life cycle have better chances of funding. The Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) which lists all of this information for 2017 is not yet available; however, you can find 2016’s at Any changes from 2016 to 2017 will be minute…get started NOW.
  • The narrative portions of the application are critical if your application makes it to the peer review. This is where you are going to “sell” the committee on the importance of you receiving this grant. Spell it all out…even if some or all of the information is in other portions of the grant, repeat it all in your narrative. A separate narrative will be required for each item or service you are requesting. Include the project description and budget, cost benefit of the grant, the effect of the grant on the organization and financial need.
  • Don’t miss the next webinar for more detailed information to successful grant funding.

NFPA compliant SuperPASS 5 and 5X PASS devices are a high priority in the Structural/Proximity PPE list and in 2016 Personal Accountability Systems were moved from PPE to Equipment and are considered a high priority with a short (5-7 years) age category. If you have an old accountability system or have never had a full RF Intelligent Accountability System, visit for videos and additional information. In-Command® First-In and Full Crew are NFPA compliant accountability systems eligible for AFG Grant funding.

Following are some points that you can include in your narrative on how purchasing an In-Command Accountability System to protect every member of your department can help reduce risks to your firefighters inside and outside the flames.

• No more interrupting fire ground operations for a voice radio PAR check

• No more chaos caused by poor radio audio quality and muffled voices

• No more struggling to discern who is acknowledging a voice PAR Check


  • Keep your voice radio channel open for operations and immediately recognize increased fire ground operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • In-Command® monitors and immediately reports who has acknowledged PAR and EVAC commands without stopping operations on the radio voice channel
  • Automated Intelligent RF PAR can be used to provide an additional layer of positive accountability by reminding the firefighter to first check their air gauge and then report PAR. Acknowledging the PAR indicates to Incident Command that the firefighter is ok and is aware of their own remaining air
  • Automated Intelligent RF EVAC Acknowledgment gives the Incident Commander an immediate report of who has responded to the EVAC command
  • Electronic RF MAYDAY immediately identifies the firefighter in distress to the Incident Commander… along with the entire fire ground
  • The stand-alone SuperPASS®5X keeps you NFPA1500 compliant at all times… and everywhere even when you remove your SCBA for non-IDLH activities
  • Safety Outside the Flames – Stand-Alone SuperPASS®5X keeps the wildland firefighter, Fire-Police, and Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) teams protected at all times

For additional information or to receive a formal quote for grant application, call 724-962-9231 or complete a request for information form at

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