FiResponse Virginia Department of Forestry

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Did you know that the Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) uses FiResponse, a technology-based web and mobile phone application that provides the public with information about active incidents in the Commonwealth?
FiResponse provides the VDOF with the ability to record and monitor new reports of incidents, notify response personnel of the situation and their need to respond, ensures that the agency dispatches the closest and most effective resources to any new incident, provides real-time situational awareness of on-going incidents, and provides an informational tracking tool to support agency incident reporting needs.
More advanced features of the application include agency responder notifications using mobile phone-based technologies, enhanced mapping and GPS capabilities to support the incident activities of agency responders, the ability to predict fire behavior and potential incident impacts over time, enhanced personnel safety by facilitating enhanced incident level information flow between agency response personnel, and mobile phone level access to the agencies vast assortment of GIS-based mapping technologies.