Individual Membership Renewals

Individual Membership Renewal

By-laws Article 1 Section 7
Any member or employee of a Department, Fire Company, or Rescue Squad who responds to emergencies shall be permitted to hold membership in the Virginia State Firefighter’s Association as an individual member upon application in writing to the secretary of the Association and accompanied by the payment of annual dues which shall be Thirty-Five ($35) dollars. Temporary membership takes place upon receipt of the application and payment of the membership dues. Full membership takes effect upon approval by the Executive Committee. They shall be entitled to all benefits, so long as they pay annual dues and complies with all rules governing the Association. Said individual member shall not be entitled to hold office, or vote in the business transactions of the Association. Individual members may serve on Association Committees or Task Assignments as directed by the President.

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    This payment to be applied for 7/01/2019– 6/30/2020
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