New Online Database to Report Struck-By Incidents

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The Emergency Responder Safety Institute has a new nationwide database to collect detailed information about incidents on the roadway where emergency responders or their equipment were struck by a vehicle while operating at a scene. Available at using the platform, the database accepts reports from all roadway responders, including fire, law enforcement, EMS, fire police and special traffic units, safety service and freeway service patrols, departments of transportation, public works, and towing and recovery.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Any responder can report a struck-by incident to
  • Any incident that resulted in death, injury, or property damage can be reported
  • You can remain anonymous
  • The reporting form takes about 3-4 minutes to complete
  • All fields are optional so you can report as much as you know and skip what you don’t
  • The site is mobile device responsive so you can report from the field, the station, or anywhere else
  • Don’t worry about whether someone else might have submitted a report; the ERSI can combine duplicate reports if needed
  • More than fifteen national emergency response organizations and agencies support this database

All reports are welcome. The ERSI wants as much data as possible on the continuing problem of secondary crashes and struck-by incidents at emergency scenes on the roadway. The goal of is to improve the voluntary reporting, tracking, and analysis of struck-by incident data to prevent future incidents. These reports are going to help us understand the problem better, provide more reliable statistics to inform policymaking, and determine where the responder training and public education gaps are so we can address them. Read the launch article for more information.

Go to and bookmark the page. Any time you are part of a struck-by incident, hit that bookmark and report it. We need everyone’s participation to make this successful.

Stay safe and report!

The Team