Participate in Mediterranean Diet Study to Improve your Health

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Researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, in coordination with the National Volunteer Fire Council, are seeking volunteer firefighters to participate in a study on the health benefits to emergency responders and their families of using the Mediterranean Diet. Participants will have access to online tools and strategies for implementing healthier eating habits to minimize the risk of developing serious chronic diseases.

Healthy habits and good nutrition are critical for firefighters and emergency responders to perform at their best and protect themselves from chronic illnesses. The new study aims to help emergency personnel and their families make positive behavior changes to improve their health using the key principles of the Mediterranean Diet. Research has shown this way of eating is effective in reducing risks of many conditions that firefighters face, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, as well as helps with better sleep and improves overall quality of life.

To participate in the study, simply fill out the introductory questionnaire. Shorter follow-up questionnaires will be sent once every three months for the next year to monitor your progress. Participation is free, confidential, and can be withdrawn at any time. All participants will have access to a series of online tools specifically designed to help firefighters and their families improve their health. Volunteer/call firefighters, EMTs, and rescue personnel ages 18 and older along with their spouses or significant others are eligible to participate.

Take part in this study to get healthier, reduce your risk of heart disease, and help inform future firefighter health interventions.

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