Rural Firehouses Burglarized

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It has been brought to our attention that there have been a number of rural firehouses burglarized in Washington State, and that the thieves raided apparatus of critical tools and equipment.  To date, we are unaware of similar instances in Virginia, but am aware that dirtbags read the news, too, and those in our state may feel inspired to pull some of this here.  Please alert your member companies, especially those that may not have any staff on duty regularly, that this has happened.  It may be prudent to increase having station checks for security, and to ask their local law enforcement partners if they can stop by while on patrol to see if they spot anything suspicious happening.  Their increased patrol presence may serve as a deterrent.  You can read and share this story from local media out there, available at Fire stations burglarized in Skagit, Whatcom counties – KIRO 7 News Seattle.