VDFP/Locality MOU Agreements

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The Virginia Department of Fire Programs (VDFP) is diligently working to assist localities with delivering VDFP supported programs within their area. One way that VDFP is working to accomplish this is through the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement process.

The MOU process is designed as a mechanism for localities to obtain Train-the-Trainer courses specifically for their locality to support their training needs. VDFP currently has nine (9) MOUs in place with localities located throughout the Commonwealth. As VDFP continues to work for ways to better serve the fire service and meet the needs of the specific localities, we encourage all localities to consider the MOU option and determine if this will be a feasible option for your locality.

The VDFP Training and Operation Chief will have the overall responsibility for overseeing the MOU process working collectively with the local VDFP Division Chief. Should you have any question regarding a potential or existing MOU please contact Tim Hansbrough (Training and Operations Chief) at 804-837-8614 or by email at: Timothy Hansbrough