Virginia Volunteer Firefighters Receive Big Boost from Dominion Energy

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  March 17, 2023

Virginia Volunteer Firefighters Receive Big Boost from Dominion Energy

 WHAT: Dominion Energy presents a $50,000 grant to the Virginia State Firefighters Association at the Culpeper Volunteer Fire Department’s annual banquet.

The grant will be used for a newly established Dominion Energy VSFA Small Grants Program. The VSFA is comprised of 10,000 volunteer firefighters across the Commonwealth who protect more than 70% of Virginia’s land and save lives and property every day. Brave and selfless, they rush to danger to save others, embracing their mission to preserve and protect life and property from and during fires and to provide life-saving assistance in other emergencies.


WHEN: Saturday, March 18, 2023; 6:00 PM.

WHERE: Culpeper County Volunteer Fire Department, 151 West Davis Street.

WHY: Virginia’s volunteer firefighters are crucial to protecting our communities across Virginia, yet their resources to provide that protection are in dire need of upgrades and replenishment. Dominion Energy is committed to making the Commonwealth of Virginia a safer place for people and businesses. The Dominion Energy VSFA Small Grants Program will provide support to volunteer fire departments across Virginia. The funds will be awarded to volunteer fire departments who submit applications to the VSFA which will select the recipients for disbursement of grants of up to $2,500.

Dominion Energy works with volunteer firefighters during severe weather events, in cases of emergency, and each and every day to help keep the lights on and communities safe. We are proud to be on the same team as those who play an important and vital role in helping make the Commonwealth a better place to live and work. The Dominion Energy VSFA Small Grants Program is a small way we can help say thank you.” 

  Sarah Marshall, Manager- State & Local Affairs

WHO: Larry Gwaltney, VSFA Executive Director and other VSFA leaders, Sarah Marshal, Dominion Energy Manager State and Local Affairs.

 CONTACTS: Larry Gwaltney, VSFA Exec. Dir. (804) 873-5955,
Richard Dickerson, (205) 410-5911