Ex-county firefighters say they had to wash cars of supervisor, his county-supervisor girlfriend

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Several former Roanoke County firefighters have complained in exit interviews about having to wash cars belonging to their boss and to his companion, an elected county supervisor, at local fire stations, causing county officials to investigate.

The car washing by firefighters for Roanoke County Fire & Rescue Chief Rick Burch has gone on for years. When Burch showed up in his county car or in one of Roanoke County Supervisor Charlotte Moore’s vehicles, firefighters had to wash and wax them or face the consequences of being assigned less desirable shifts, former firefighters said.

When firefighters are on shift and are done with their work, they are allowed to wash their personal vehicles and those of friends and family at the stations.

It is not illegal or against any rules for Moore, who represents the Cave Spring District, or Burch to clean their cars at county fire stations, County Attorney Paul Mahoney said. After several departing employees criticized the practice in exit interviews, county officials encouraged Burch to stop.