FEMA to Require On-campus Students be Fully Vaccinated

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In order to provide a safe and healthy learning environment, effective Nov. 27, only students who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be permitted to attend in-person, on-campus training/education on FEMA campuses in Alabama and Maryland.

This will provide a safer working/learning environment for students, staff and contractors, while allowing for the expansion of the number of students to meet increasing training demand.

Accepting only fully vaccinated students will provide the ability to greatly expand participation/attendance for classes and reduce the significant backlog of applicants waiting for entrance into courses. FEMA will notify students or others traveling to any agency campus of the requirements in writing prior to their arrival. Anyone arriving on campus will need to show proof of vaccination.

FEMA will also continue to require the wearing of a face mask or cloth face covering by all personnel when inside any of its buildings and social distancing throughout campus.

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