What Do We Know About FEMA GO?

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  • The goal of FEMA GO is to modernize and consolidate existing FEMA grants management systems into one single IT platform with one common grants management life cycle, to reduce the complexity of FEMA Grants
  • The new grants system, FEMA Grants Outcomes, or FEMA GO for short, is targeted for use by FEMA personnel and our State, Local Governments Tribal and Territorial partners.

How GMM affects Assistance to Firefighters Grant Programs:

  • All of the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Programs (AFGP) are the pilot programs in FEMA GO system.
    • Starting with FY 2018 AFG, SAFER, and FP&S all future FIRE Act grants will be managed within FEMA GO system.
    • The FY 2019 AFG, SAFER, and FP&S applications will be submitted using FEMA GO system.
    • Starting with FY 2015 AFG awards will submit final performance report (close out documents) in FEMA GO system. (Not Available Until 2020)
  • FY 2018 Award Recipients will need to register in FEMA GO system to accept FY 2018 grant awards. Here are the registration instructions.

What’s the status of the FY18 awards?

In the coming weeks AFGP will start announcing awards. We are committed to ensuring all recipients will be notified through this transition between systems. All awards will be announced prior to September 30, 2019.

Live AFG Webinar Updates:

Beginning August 29th, 2019, AFGP staff will host a live webinar series to educate organizations on how to register in FEMA GO. The webinars will teach attendees about the FEMA GO system, how to register, and accept a pending award. FEMA staff will be available to answer any questions concerning transitioning to the new system.

FEMA GO Registration

*Thursday, August 29th – September 12th at  2 p.m. EDT


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